Martin Schgaguler left his position as Head of Design at the much-coveted Swiss design school École cantonale d’art de Lausanne in 2011 to turn his hobby — taking eery, ethereal shots of natural wonders — into a full-time profession. His photographic portfolio, which he uploads frequently via Instagram, is truly breathtaking. From shots of rolling fog that could double as paint swills to birds’ eye views of clusters of sunbathers on a wildly remote archipelago, the Geneva-residing artist captures the full, feral grandiosity of his surroundings.


“Living for everything is everything,” reads Schgaguler’s bio. Indeed, there’s something optimistic and celebratory about his stills — a humbled way of looking at earth’s majestical sights and far from the everyday dangers of modern urban life. One shot in particular, taken near the mountain village of Laion in northern Italy, is something straight out of the Spielberg repertoire. It’s the silhouette of a large mountain, looming over Laionan residence like a trusty baronial uncle. Another, near the Italian city of Bolzano, shows the fast moving descent of a thick cloud formation over a hilly ridge.

Before École or Instagram, Schgaguler’s career started at Establishment & Sons, a well-known British design house that perfects the craft of simple household items. Nowadays, though, he’s busy travelling to the furthest corners of the world for his next wonder-shot, and building up a reputable social media following along the way. As changes in career trajectory go, his ranks high.

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