The traffic light: a universally understood colour scheme co-ordinating the world’s flow of automobiles from city to city. Nothing more, nothing less — right? For his 2014 photo-series Traffic Lights, Germany-born photographer Lucas Zimmermann captured various scenes of mystical iridescent traffic light glare on foggy winter evenings, near the province of Weimar. Like something straight out of Twin Peaks, the noirish, tense stills seem to precede an occurrence or event, good or ominous. The simple traffic light is, to Zimmermann at least, a “known object which produces a strong effect on an unnatural situation.” The phenomenal project won the minimalist photography student a coveted GRAFE Creative Prize.

The self-taught photographer’s captivatingly original work has been shown in exhibition spaces all over the world — from Paris’ Galerie Sakura to Sao Paulo’s Photoarts Gallery and Norway’s Gallerie GEO.


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