Jacob Juul founded Bulbul in 2011 after visiting BaselWorld, the world’s largest and well respected watch fair. The majority of watches to be found there are made by companies which are occasionally hundreds of years old, and are priced extremely high to attract an exclusive audience.  Juul decided to create an alternative, and now 6 years later are releasing the Pebble 10.

Shortly after starting Bulbul, Juul developed its flagship (and instantly recognisable) product, the Pebble.

The minimalist design of the Pebble can be deceptive, the watch was two years in the making.  With watches usually being circular and oval, factories can manufacture watches fairly quickly – but with the completely unique shape of the Pebble, each individual part of the watch had to be fully customised.

The Pebble 10 features a sturdy, black, Milanese mesh band from renowned Pforzheim-based manufacturer, Aristo-Vollmer, the asymmetric Pebble 10 is now available in the Bulbul webstore.

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